The Beginning

When Dr. Adams was diagnosed with Celiac, she found it difficult to find gluten free products and almost impossible to find gluten free food that tested good. It was a challange and risk to eat out. Everyone thought gluten free was a fad and service people seemed irritated that you would even ask for a .gluten free option

Dr. Adams realized that she had to make her own food. When she discovered that her 2 young daughters were also afflicted, the task of creating tasty gluten free food took on an even greater importance.

Most children want cake for their birthday, and Dr. Adams’ children are like most kids. Not wanting her kids to feel left out, she tried and modified recipes until her children liked the product. Children are sometimes brutally honest and Dr. Adams’ two let her know what they didn’t like. The cakes kept improving until the kids were happy to eat their special cake.

Dr. Adams then started to make cupcakes for friends. The results were very positive and people suggested that she start a bakery. Now Dr. Adams is happy to share her baked goods with everyone.